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Teaching Law With Technology Prize 2020

Embodying something of its own ideals, the ALT’s ‘Teaching with Technology’ prize took place online on the 8 October, ably facilitated by the technological provision of Thomson Reuters. The event was an enriching display of the potential for technology to enhance or reshape the teaching of law.

Those in attendance heard from previous winner, Keele’s Maria Tzanou, about her engagements with emerging technologies before the finalists for the prize presented their respective projects. Linda Chadderton then talked about her gamification of an undergraduate seminar, which placed unsuspecting students in a legally themed escape room. Hugh McFaul discussed the challenges and opportunities of translating a clinical legal experience into an online environment. And Imogen Moore outlined her use of Padlet as a transformative backchannel in large group teaching.

The judges took time for consideration (as they say in the law reports). While the deliberations took place, Thompson Reuters’s own legal futurist Joseph Raczynski outlined the cornucopia of potential innovations and challenges that emerging and projected technological development may have on the legal profession. Finally, Linda Chadderton was announced as the winner, with the judges praising her project for bringing staff and students together in an innovative and fun way.

For further details, visit Thomson Reuter’s full write up of the event, here.


With thanks to Thom Giddens (University of Dundee) for this write-up for the ALT Blog!

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