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The Law Teacher: The International Journal of Legal Education, together with the

Association of Law Teachers,

announces our annual competition for a research seminar addressing the subject of legal education in the 2023/24 academic year.

The deadline for applications for this year is 24th November 2023. Applicants should be available for feedforward discussions during the w/c 4th December.  The winner will be announced by 5th January 2024 and the seminar will take place before the end of the academic year 23/24.

We are keen to promote high quality legal education scholarship that can be described as rigorous with significant reach. Applicants propose a one-off seminar or series of events in online, face-to-face or hybrid formats. Applicants can specify individual speakers/contributors and/or propose a wider call for papers.

The criteria applications will be judged against are as follows:

All applicants should be members of the Association of Law Teachers.  A membership form can be completed online here:

Essential criteria

  • The seminar must make an empirical or theoretical contribution to the field of legal education research.
  • The seminar must be accessible to a broad range of the legal education community, including Association of Law Teacher members and others.
  • The seminar must offer opportunities for active participation to members of the legal education community, whether via audience participation, a call for papers or other means.
  • The application must offer good value for money by demonstrating appropriate budgeting and ensuring all items budgeted clearly contribute to the design and delivery of the seminar.
  • The application must have a clear marketing and dissemination strategy and demonstrate the potential and intention to lead to a high-quality special issue of the Law Teacher Journal.

Desirable criteria

  • The seminar should where possible facilitate engagement and participation from students, postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, employers and other sometimes under-represented stakeholders in the legal education community.
  • Proposers should give thought to the accessibility of the seminar and how they can encourage wide participation. Where the seminar will be in person, the proposer might give consideration as to whether a high-quality hybrid in person/online experience can be facilitated
  • The seminar should where possible adopt innovative approaches and methods.


Further information and Conditions of Funding

An application should be no longer than 6 pages of A4 in overall length. It should include the following:

  • The title and format(s) of the proposed seminar, the themes to be explored and the rationale for the event.
  • An engagement with the Essential and Desirable criteria above.
  • A detailed budget. Awards for seminars are typically in the region of £2500.  This can include items such as (but not limited to) catering, room bookings, the production of supporting literature and travel expenses for proposed speakers, website costs, recording costs, technical support, cost of online platforms.  Accommodation costs should not typically exceed £100 per night.  Travel should be based on standard class rail fares and economy class flights.

Please note that we will not fund overheads or profit generation.  Attendance at the seminar will be free.

Awards will usually be paid to the education institution that employs the applicant (or lead applicant). A letter should be included as part of your application from that finance office undertaking to administer the award, if given, following approved procedures. If a different arrangement is required full justification must be given and agreement will be at the discretion of the prize organisers. If not employed in an education institution, payment arrangements will be finalised after confirmation of the award.

The Law Teacher will have the first right of refusal to publish papers presented at funded seminars. Papers are therefore expected to be original and unpublished.

Further information will be provided at a later date as to the process for any proposal for a special issue of the Law Teacher Journal arising from a funded seminar.  The editors reserve the right to decide whether or not to proceed with any such proposal at their discretion.

As a condition of the award of any grant the proposer agrees to provide a short report to the Law Teacher/the ALT by 1st September 2024 summarising details of the funded seminar, the number of attendees and any dissemination or impact arising from the funded seminar. The Law Teacher/the ALT have the right to use the report and the information therein in future funding calls or for general marketing purposes.

Details of previous seminars are available here:

Applications should be sent to Law Teacher Deputy Editor, Professor Lydia Bleasdale, via email to no later than Friday 24th November 2023.

The Review Team Professor Lydia Bleasdale, Professor Elaine Hall, Dr Amy Wallace and Dr Andrew Gilbert are also happy to discuss ideas further and answer any questions. We will also be running online support events for potential applicants, details can be found on the Law Teacher and ALT websites.


This information can be downloaded as a pdf document here.

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