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ALT responses to consultation papers:

The ALT statement to the Legal Services Board (LSB) on the SRA Application for Regulatory Change to education and training (2018), further endorsing and expanding on the joint statement with SLS, CHULS and SLSA on the SRA’s Application to the LSB for approval of the Solicitors Qualification Exam (SQE) (2018).

The ALT response to the BSB Curriculum and Assessment Review (2018).

The ALT response to the BSB Future Bar Training Consultation ‘The Future of Training for the Bar: Future Routes to Authorisation’ (2017). Please read from page 6.

Please read the ALT response to the SRA consultation ‘A new route to qualification: the Solicitors Qualifying Examination’ (2017)

Please read the ALT response to the SRA consultation ‘Training for Tomorrow: Assessing Competence’ (2016)

Please read the ALT’s response to the SRA’s Draft Competence Framework and Statement of Underpinning Knowledge (2015)

Please read the ALT Committee’s Response to the LSB Consultation on guidance for education and training (2013)

Please review ALT Commitee’s Response to the JASB Collaborative Arrangements Consultation (2011).

Please review ALT Committee’s Response to the JASB Compensation-Condonation Consultation (2011).

Response to the consultation paper on deferral of call to the bar (2008, pdf) View Response

Response to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority consultation paper on assessment regulations for Qualifying Law Degrees and the Common Professional Examination (2008, pdf) View Response

Response to the consultation by the Law Society on the Training Framework Review third consultation (2005, pdf) View Response

Response  to the consultation by the Law Society and the Bar Council with law faculties offering qualifying law degrees on the academic stage of training for entry to the legal profession (2003, pdf) View Response

Response to the Joint Academic Stage Board consultation on the relationship of foundation degrees to the qualifying law degree (2003, pdf) View Response

Legal Education Regulation

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

Research Excellence Framework (REF)

Collaboration with the OCR

The ALT collaborates with the OCR, a leading UK awarding body that provides qualifications which engage people of all ages and abilities at school, college, in work or through part-time learning programmes. The ALT was heavily involved in the development of the subject content for new AS and A level Law. The OCR hosts an annual conference for A level law teachers in association with the ALT, and the 2016 OCR/ALT conference was held at the UK Supreme Court.